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"We write professional resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for people in all industries." -- Shaun Michels, Owner of CVCo.

1. Professional Resumes

Does your resume work? Make no mistake about it; everyone can benefit from a professional resume. We write compelling and professional resumes that get results. Everyone needs a professional resume that works. It needs to be easy to read and edit to match any job. So many people are still using resumes they created in high school. We write professional resumes with compelling content that is relevant to your target employer or recruiter with a clear and concise presentation that is sure to impress the bosses.

Does your resume pass the 10-second rule? It will if we write it! We write professional resumes that answer the questions the hiring manager asks. What is the primary purpose of your job? What have you achieved? What are the results of what you did? What have you contributed to the organisation? To which position do you report? What budgets do you manage? How big are those budgets? Do you have the relevant skill set that matches the job requirements? Hiring managers want compelling content supported by quantifiable results.

Prospective employers, hiring managers and recruiters want to see you have a proven record of achieving results. We write professional resumes that are compelling and relevant. Can you? We know it’s not easy to write about yourself, which is why smart people hire the best resume writing services with professional resume writers that understand what it takes to get more job interviews; as we do! If you are looking for a ‘cheap’ professional resume, then go elsewhere. Like anything in life you will get what you pay for!

How much is your career worth to you? The average Australian has a working life of 37 years. The national minimum wage is currently $18.29 per hour or $694.90 per 38 hour week (before tax). So, let’s calculate what your career is worth to you – 37 years multiplied by 38 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year multiplied $18.29 per hour equals $1,337,218.48 in a lifetime. Double that with a professional resume!!

Do you want more interviews? Then invest a professional resume writer. We charge $110 per hour for our resume writing services. That’s cheaper than your qualified mechanic’s hourly rate. How long does it take to write a professional resume? Anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. The writing process includes prewriting, design, writing, proofreading, reviewing and editing phases. We offer a 30-day revision guarantee and unlimited phone support for our clients at no cost. You should hire us because we write better than you!

2. Cover Letters

Everyone needs a cover letter that impresses employers and recruiters.  The bottom line is you need a winning cover letter to get job interviews and we write them. Do you need a one-page cover letter for a job application? Or, a two-page cover letter for a Queensland Government job? Yes, we can help you too!

We write a great, original cover letters that keep it relevant and impress. It’s the little things that make a big difference. A bad cover letter may cost you a job interview. Managers and recruiters scan and read thousands of cover letters. In just seconds, they know a good cover letter from a bad one. How bad is your cover letter?

Our cover letters communicate your enthusiasm for a job. Every job application you send will require a tailored cover letter. Your cover letter is typically the first impression you make on a potential employer—and you will never get a second chance to make one. Does your cover letter have perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation? A professional cover letter writing services can boost your chances of getting interviews.

A cover letter has to be perfect in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Just as important, it has to make clear how the skills cited on your résumé or CV pertain specifically to the job and company you’re writing to, and it has to demonstrate why the company should hire you over the other applicants. More than a mere response to an advertisement, a cover letter is a marketing piece.

The professional cover letter writers at CVCo are skilled in knowing what recruiters want (and don’t want) to see in a cover letter. Tapping into that knowledge, we will work with you to write a cover letter that not only highlights your talents and experience, but also meets the needs of the employer or recruiter, and explains how hiring you will solve their problems. We write cover letters better than you! Hire a resume writing pro.

3. LinkedIn Profiles

Here at CVCo, we stay on top of the latest recruiting trends, and, unless you have been asleep under a rock, LinkedIn is at the forefront of modern recruitment practices. Your success as a job seeker is directly linked to your ability to be found on LinkedIn by a hiring manager or recruiter amongst millions of profiles. Using LinkedIn you can land your dream job and fast track your career. But first, you need to get noticed!

Get Noticed! Get Connected! Get Ahead! That should be your plan for LinkedIn. Do you know how to build your personal brand? We do. Do you know how to be a Recruiter Magnet? We do. Do you know how to optimise your LinkedIn profile for Job Search Success? We do. LinkedIn is the future today!

LinkedIn is for everyone. Let us repeat that, “LinkedIn is for everyone.” We write LinkedIn profiles for collar workers, managers, professionals and senior executives. If you are not participating in the world’s largest professional network you are missing out. Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent. With more than 4 million Australian members active on LinkedIn, how will you standout in the crowd?

Whether you’re trying to find a new job or simply want to be more successful in your current role, you need to build a strong online presence so you’re always making a great impression. Since recruiters and hiring managers often use social media sites to get background information on candidates, your online presence should be complete, up to date, and indicative of your industry leadership.

Invest in your LinkedIn profile, benchmark yourself against your industry peers, get recommendations from your supervisors, peers and colleagues, and share news and insights – not just with your connections, but with recruiters and hiring managers who could be browsing LinkedIn for top talent like yourself. Keep in mind that building a professional brand is a long-term commitment to open doors to job opportunities.

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